Sapete cos’è la #10yearschallenge? La nuova moda social che diventa virale

La nuova moda social nasce da una sfida che sta conquistando gente comune e vip.
Esplosa da qualche giorno su Instagram e Twitter, è connotata dall’hashtag #10yearschallenge.

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#10yearchallenge This was me in 2009, the year that changed my life forever. I was 21, studying international law at Bocconi university, living in a 40 square metre studio apartment in Moscova and working part time as a model. I was investing all my money in designer bags and travels and dreaming to find my way into the world and becoming someone inspiring. I had a thing for Balenciaga bags and eyeliner. I was already posting my life on the Internet, especially on Flickr, and was already facing trolls and haters trying to put me down. Then, in October 2009, I decided to buy my first real camera (see picture n.9), start my own blog, @theblondesalad and, step by step my whole life changed. To the young 21 year old Chiara of 2009 I would wanna say this: It’s ok to not having it all figured out and understand your life little by little, It’s ok to not feel good 100% of the times and It’s very wise to enjoy the dark moments too because they’re part of the process. Enjoy the journey to whatever you’re doing younger Chiara, and always keep in mind that If you follow your heart, you’ll never make mistakes. And to all the people that will tell you “Nobody’s gonna remember your name in 6 months” in these years.. Oh well, in 2019 you’ll be able to smile back at them and tell them they were fucking wrong ✌🏻

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In pratica, gli utenti devono pubblicare una foto di almeno un decennio fa e una attuale, accettando il giudizio del web. Ovviamente, ci sarà chi in 10 anni è invecchiato vistosamente, oppure chi sembra sempre uguale ad allora o addirittura sembra ringiovanito.

Già moltissimi vip, italiani e internazionali, si sono dedicati alla #10yearschallenge … e la sfida, ovviamente, continua.